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Are You tired of having to decide every single aspect of your sims' lifes?
Well. BetterSims was created to help spice up your gameplay and help you explore partsof the game you wouldn't normally.

Main Features:

Life choices, a system that helps you understad what your sims wants to do with their own life.

Auto trait assign, to help your sim develop diferent traits and preferences depending on their personality.

Personality Overhaul, recategorizing some game traits and adding new ones to expand the customization of your sims' personalities.

And much more...

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Complementary to BetterSims, This mod contains my personal Aspiration overhaul following the style of Sims 2 and Sims 3 aspirations with singular long term goals. This mod was made based on Lifetime Aspirations by Ky-e.

Lemon version follows the style of Lifetime Aspiration with a single long term goal.

Vanilla version follows the original game style aspirations with different stages.

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This small mod lowers the price of all harvestables in the game making gardening a bit more challenging as a career.

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In this project I include all of my personal CC for create a sim:

Skin textures for all ages. With different face masks, moles, breast size and other skin details.

Makeup default replacements. And new makeup.

Eye colors and default replacements.

My hair dyes project. 

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