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NEW IN V0.9.9 (Early Access 12/27/2023) (Public 01/12/2024)

Hello Everyone and Happy Holidays!💜💜  I hope all of you are having a great time with your family and close ones.

I'm excited to finally announce the new update for BetterSims. I know I've been gone for a while. My life has been chaotic and completely changed in the course of a few months. Travel, school , an injury, recovery and my an engagement have kept me busy to say the least but I haven't been completely off modding. All this time I've been working on fixing annoying and persistent bugs, finetuning but more important a new plan to finish the Beta of BetterSims ASAP.

Fixes and Additions:

  • I have to be honest about this one. I lost track of most of the bug fixes on this one because of the time and how much I've done. At this time there are no incompatibilities or last exceptions encountered.

  • I finally finished adding all activity preferences into the Life choices and auto preferences system (simple description but huge change)

  • Added Tomarang into the life choices and preferences systems.

  • Fixed internal references and simplified auto activity preferences so they run faster and better.

  • Reviewed and fixed Settings options to work as intended and include latest additions.

To everyone who enjoys this project. Thank you! I can't thank you enough for the kindness, motivation and support I've received all this time. This project means more to me than you can imagine, and being able to share it with you has truly changed my life. I know it is just a game and just a mod, but sometimes little things can make your outlook on life change for the better and even motivate you to do more than you ever thought you could.

From the Bottom of my heart. Thank you! 💜

NEW IN V0.9.8

Hello again dear simmers I'm happy to be back with a BetterSims update. I'm coming back from a break from modding. I'm going through some big events in my life a lot of work, stress and dealing with some health issues so I've had to take it a little bit slow even after finishing school in August. For this update I focused on:

For this update I focused on:

  • Further improve Archetypes and include them in other systems.

  • Added  Chestnut Ridge Location preferences.

  • Fixed and improved bugs related to Location Preferences.

  • Fixed and renewed Kids life choices. Now they work as intended and don't trigger annoying moodlets. (I'll include more aspirations on the next update)

  • Re-organized character traits. Regular personality traits will now appear just like normal.

  • Fixed internal conflicts and typing errors.

There is one Last exception showing up occasionally when the game loads, unfortunately it doesn't give me enough information to find the error. Luckily it's not a big problem but a typing error in a reference somewhere, so it's safe to play. I'll continue to look for the source of this tiny but annoying error. 

NEW IN V0.9.7 (Hiatus)

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a great beginning of spring! 

After 2 months of work  I'm excited to finally bring this update V0.9.7 is out on early access. For this one I included the 3 newer worlds into location preferences. But the most important thing I did was implementing internal Archetypes that will allow me to make future updates much faster and including new content easier. I already used it to improve the sort of broken aspiration life choices.

The fixes I made for this update are:

  • Check and improve all aspiration life choices triggers.

  • Updated Character traits.

  • Check and improve Hidden Talents and weaknesses. I added a couple more and improved the existent ones.

  • Added Moonwood Mill, Copperdale and San Sequoia to location preferences, and life choices system.

  • Created Personality, Hobbies, Appearance and Purpose archetypes these are hidden traits that help life choices and preferences to be assigned more accurately and less frantically. Balancing and making sure the archetypes made sense and allowed for enough variety of combinations to make every sim feel unique.

  • Alongside the planning of Archetypes and improvement of Talents weaknesses and Location preferences. I set up a more precise plan for future improvements and Aspirations For BetterGoals.

Some of the improvements I'll be targeting next are:

  • Adding more traits to references and further polishing Archetypes. (Including other mods and content)

  • Cleaning up all Life choices to make sure they all make sense and appear at the correct timing.

  • Include whims to life choices  for things like Jobs and relationships. In my experience sims don't get enough important whishes.

  • Clean up triggers for all systems. Right now most of them depend directly on traits But this is what the Archetypes are for.

Content that I'll be continuously adding:

  • Include all skills into automatic preferences.

  • Include all aspirations  into life choices.

  • include all careers into life choices.

  • Including references new traits and preferences (booth official and from other mods) so my mod recognizes them.

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Recommended / Required Mods


My Mod

This mod Makes all aspirations feel more like long term goals than tutorials. This mod is made to be completely compatible and complementary to BetterSims.

Custom traits in club filter

By Vicky Sims / Chingyu 1023

This awesome mod will let you use any of BetterSims traits as a filter for clubs.

Required for Add-on

Metabolism Traits Mod

By Vicky Sims / Chingyu 1023

“This is a Mod to allow you to add A total of 25 Body/ Needs changing Traits to your Sim.” Description by Vicky Sims.

Required for Add-on

Zodiac traits

By Radioophobe

“This mod aims to convert zodiac signs from the Sims 2 and make it as good as I can into the Sims 4 without it taking up Trait Slots”. Description By Radiophobe.

Required for Add-on

Custom wants Mod

By MissyHissy

 I wanted to be able to work more with custom wants and try and add some new direction to them in a series of manageable mods.  So this is the Custom Wants Mod!

Preferences Plus

By simhelaene

This mod provides new outfit and venue preferences, as well as over *20* general interests, for selection in CAS using the new likes/dislikes system. 

Required for Add-on

Personality Overhaul

In the game we only have 3 slots for sim adults to give them a personality and we have to use them wisely. But there are some traits that seem to be not as impactful and defining as others. That’s why I decided to add a new system and separate personality from Character traits.

Personality Traits

Emotional Traits

Traits that stay the same:

  • Active

  • Cheerful

  • Creative

  • Genius

  • Gloomy

  • Goofball

  • Hot Headed

  • Romantic

  • Self-Assured

Re-categorized Traits:

  • Erratic

  • Lazy

New Traits:

  • Uncreative

These sims rarely get inspired and struggle with all creative activities.

  • Unfunny

These sims have a hard time getting and landing jokes. They rarely feel playful.

Hobby Traits

Traits that stay the same:

  • Art Lover

  • Bookworm

  • Foodie

  • Geek

  • Music Lover

  • Perfectionist

Re-categorized Traits:

  • Loves Outdoors

  • Neat

Traits that stay the same:

  • Ambitious

  • Childish

  • Clumsy

  • Glutton

  • Kleptomaniac

  • Materialistic

  • Slob

  • Snob

Social Traits

Traits that stay the same

  • Bro

  • Evil

  • Family Oriented

  • Good

  • Hates Children

  • Jealous

  • Loner

  • Mean

  • Outgoing

  • Self-Absorbed

Lifestyle Traits

Traits that stay the same:

  • Ambitious

  • Childish

  • Clumsy

  • Glutton

  • Kleptomaniac

  • Materialistic

  • Slob

  • Snob

Re-categorized Traits:

  • Noncommittal

New Traits:

  • Occult Enthusiast

These sims love and believe in everything related to the Supernatural!

  • Free Spirited

These sims love to go with the flow and avoid following the heards.

Skill Learning

Skills in the Sims 4 are sometimes too easy to master. So I tried to balance them out to make things more interesting. In real life everyone learns skills at a different rate and this feature of the mod was created to balance skill learning in the sims 4. as soon as your game loads your sim will be given 1 of the 4 skill learning traits:

Slow learner
Fast Learner

These traits are here to make every sims' experience different. Some Sims will have a harder time learning stuff than others but things like having a good childhood or loving a particular activity will make it more enjoyable for your Sim. These traits are assigned following a percentage. 65% Regular, 10%Slow Learner, 10% Prodigy and 25% Fast Learner.

Auto Assign System


BetterSims initially had a feature that added likes and dislikes to the game.

Now the og game has its own preferences system the way that system gives likes and dislikes to your sims through gameplay only focuses on emotions so, I added my original system and adapted it to the new preferences.

Now your sim will develop preferences on their own without asking and this is based on traits, personality and other features from my mod.

Skill level and CAS story feature also affect this system.

Location Preferences:

These new preferences can appear when your sim visits a new place and are assigned based on personality. You can also choose them in CAS like any other preference. The automatic system can be disabled and Enabled in the menu but if you want to remove the preferences you have to do it manually.

These preferences influence your sims’ moods and life choices.

Fashion Preferences:

This feature has also been included in the game and I'm working on adapting it to the mod.

Fashion Preferences right now are dependent on Highschool Years but my original preferences were intended for base game so I'll be working on compatibility and a solution for that.

Hidden Talents

Life is more complex than just being a fast or slow learner so to add to that depth we have Hidden talent archetypes.

When the game loads your sim as a chance to get a new Talent or Weakness. When  this happens you will get a notification about it.

You can check for it using BetterSims Menu by clicking on your sim.

These hidden traits come in pairs and will make it easier  and more enjoyable or harder and less enjoyable to do cerain activities.

This feature is not yet set on stone if you have a talent archetype suggestion I would love to hear about it.

Artistic / Tasteles

Painting, Photography, Flower Arranging, Knitting and Media Production.

Social Star / Asocial

Charisma, Mischief, Comedy, and Wellness.

Poetic / Literal

Writing, Music, Singing, Comedy

Musical / Tone Deaf

Music, Singing, Dancing, and Dj Mixing.

Athletic / Sluggish

Fitness, Rock Climbing, Snowboarding, Skating, Skiing, and Bowling

Performer / Stage Fright

Comedy, Acting, Singing, and Dj Mixing.

Scientist / Unaware

Rocket Science, Logic, Fabrication, Research & Debate, Archaeology, Robotics, Handiness, and Veterinarian

Gamer / Uncompetitive

Programming, Logic, Videogames, Pingpong, and Juicepong

Outdoorsy / Homebody

Gardening, Flower Arranging, Herbalism, Fishing, Archaeology, and Local Culture

Great Cook / Desabrid@

Bartending, Cooking, Gourmet cooking, Baking, Herbalism, and Juice Fizzing.

Spiritual / Disconnected

Medium and Wellness.

Life Choices

At any point in life your sim will get a special moodlets indicating what direction they want to take in life, Things like leaving High School, changing their look, moving to their favorite neighborhood, Becoming a Bodybuilder(choosing aspirations), leaving their spouse or other life changing actions.

There are different types of chices your sim will make thoughout their life:

  • Choose a life aspirations.

  • Choose the place where they want to live.

  • Choose a job and the branch they want to follow.

  • Stay or leave school, Start University (needs work)

  • Start or end a relationship.

  • Chage their appearance.

Note: The last few game updates gave us a wants and feats system, which I really want to explore and using it to make life choices more meaningful and vice versa seema like the way to go. Thsi is still something I'm thinking about. I'll let you all know more about it when I get further with it.

Secondary Aspirations

After Your sim gets an aspiration related life choice the outcome is up to you, you can choose to change the aspiration and fix the aspiration bonus trait or you can use the secondary aspiration option in the BetterSims menu

Aspiration life choices unlock special traits called Secondary aspirations that will affect whims and Autonomy. You can select one Secondary Aspiration at a time and access it through your Sim menu >BetterSims>Secondary Aspirations. If you don;t want to unlock them through gameplay you can also choose the one you want.

BetterSims Menu

I added options in your sims menu to help you manage your sims preferences and traits.

Note: if your sim has got only one aspiration choice you’ll only see the secondary aspiration option in the main bettersims menu like in the picture. This is how menus work in the game by default.

Change Aspiration Bonus

In the vanilla game, once your sim is created they get a bonus trait based on their picked aspiration. this cannot be changed even when switching aspirations, I added a fix for that in the BetterSims Menu.


This option lets you enable , disable and reset all systems separately for a single sim or all sims.

The reset option will remove assigned traits, and hidden traits. Your sim will forget all previous life choices, what activities they’ve tried (doesn’t affect skill level) and places they’ve visited.

You can select a specific system or all of them and it can’t be undone.

Choose Skill Learning Trait

This option lets you select the speed at which your sim learns all skills. If you open it and click X without selecting anything the skill learning trait will be removed and re assigned next time you load the game.

Select Secondary Aspirations

I originally intended secondary aspirations to be unlocked only through gameplay. But everyone plays in a different way so I added this cheat for anyone who wants to choose their own stories.

Remove Trait

This option lets you remove any trait from your sim. Sometimes your sim might get a preference, child phase or hidden trait that you don’t want. You can remove it with this option. I also use it to see all the traits my sim has.


These packages add features related to other mods please make sure to remove them if you are not using the mod it's related to.

Resident traits

You need "custom traits in club filter" by Vicky Sims / Chingyu 1023

Here I added something I always wanted in my own game, a way to filter sims by where they live in club selection.
This is intended to work with my original idea of grouping worlds depending on their environment in regions and only allowing sims to travel within those regions.
I made up that gameplay rule for myself so vacations and rentals made more sense.

Preferences Plus

By simhelaene

Metabolism Traits Mod

By Vicky Sims / Chingyu 1023

Zodiac traits

By Radioophobe

Fashion Preferences

My OG fashion preferences for anyone who doesn't have Highschool Years.

I've you've been playing with BetterSims for a while you'll remember that color, fashion and activity preferences were part of this mod even before preferences were a thing in the game. So when likes and dislikes were updated I knew some of my preferences would have to be replaced and I adapted to both in game preferences to other modder's preferences. Fashion preferences on the other hand were included only in the Highschool years expansion pack so I separated this feature into it's own addon. I also kept preferences that don't overlap in the Highschool Years module like modest and childish, to make fashion prefs more complete, meaning This addon is incompatible with the DLC module.



By Midiar


By Totuvor


By Cecil Davis


Before you install, make sure to remove previous versions of the mod completely.

Most features from the mod can be safely removed  and I’ll keep improving how that works.

As the mod becomes more customizable the installation instructions become a bit more complicated so I’ll explain everything in detail.

Your download should look like this


Double click to open your .zip file

drag the folder to your Mods Folder

Your BetterSims folder should look like this

Make sure you removed the previous version before installing

Do not remove the Main Files


Go to DLC Modules and make sure you remove the files of DLC you don't have.
You will get Last exception errors if you don't do this


Go to Addons and remove the files you don't want.

More info in the Addons section


Optional: Go to Main Modules to remove any part of the mod you don't want.

You have Installed BetterSims!

Now make sure you enable script mods in your game settings

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Next update scheduled on 


Version 0.9.9

compatible with

The Sims 4 updated 1.103.315.1020 on 12/14/2023

V0.3 updated on 12/27/2023

Next update scheduled on 


Version 0.9.9 

compatible with

The Sims 4 updated 1.103.315.1020 on 12/14/2023

Make sure you check the Addons section and install the mods necessary for the addons.

Make sure you delete previous versions before installing.

Keep in mind that this Guide and the whole website are under construction. Feedback, as always, is appreciated.

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