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This mod used to be part of BetterSims, but following the retirement of Ky-e, creator of Lifetime aspirations, I decided to update my own version of an aspitarions overhaul based on both Lifetime aspirations and my mod.


NEW IN V1.0.0  Early Access (02/22/2024) Public Release (03/12/2024)

Hi everyone. I hope you are all doing great.

After a lot of testing and playing I found that single goal aspirations sometimes make me lose track of what I'm doing with my sims having a few different long term goals can spice things up and keep them interesting. So I developed a complete Redesign of BetterGoals a mid point in Between Lifetime Aspirations and the original game style aspirations.

This is the New BetterGoals.

Each aspiration now consists of 3 to 4 long term goals of different difficulty that compliment each other.

This first update include 66 aspirations containing:

  • Default replacements for all base game aspirations.

  • 20 new Base game aspirations.

  • 4 New Seasons aspirations.

  • 4 Get Famous aspirations (2 default+ 2 new).

  • 4 Growing together default replacement aspirations.

  • 1 New Kids Room Aspiration.

Coming Next:

  • All teenager aspirations: 10 (Growing Together)

  • Get to Work Aspirations: 6

  • Get Together Aspiration: 1

  • City Living Aspirations: 6

No More Flavors

Bettersims Originally had 2 versions one following the game style similar to a step by step tutorial, and one following a sims 2 style with only one long term goal. This meant that I had to re do the mod twice, fix bugs twice and play test twice making it a very time consuming and confusing process.

Now with only one version and the fixes I made I can finish making new additions faster and don't need to re upload new versions again and again.

Updates will only contain new translations of bug fixes.

New Aspirations

Base Game

  • Grow up. (non skill focused)

  • Young upstart. (for kids focused on making money)

  • Overachiever (for kids who want to master all skills)

  • Little Rascal (For kids obsessed with fun and toys)

Teen to Elder

  • Figure it Out (Placeholder Aspiration for undecided sims)

  • Frog King / Queen (To explore this side of collectionism in game)

  • Hall of Famer (To Reach level 10 of the Athlete career)

  • King / Queen of Theater (To reach level 10 of the Entertainer career)

  • Master Painter (To reach level 10 of the Painter career)

  • Top Writer (To reach level 10 of the Writer career)

  • Undercover Agent (To reach level 10 of the Secret Agent career)

  • Extreme Parent (To have 30 Children)

  • Black Widow (To become rich and suffer the death of spouses)

  • Mega CEO (To reach level 10 of the Business career)

  • Start Trekker (To reach level 10 of the Astronaut career)

  • Indie Developer (Have earned §100,000 in Royalties from Developing Video Games or Apps)

  • Homewrecker (Convince 20 Married Sims to Leave their Spouses)

  • Getting Around (Woohoo with 30 Different Sims)

  • Plant Sim Dream (To permanently become a PlantSim)

  • Trend Setter (Reach level 10 of the Style Influencer career)


  • Llamacorn Scout (Reach level 4 of the Scouting After School Activity)

Teen Exclusive

  • Llamacorn Scout (Reach level 4 of the Scouting After School Activity)

Teen to Elder

  • Queen Bee (Have earned §50,000 from honey)

  • Flower Power (Have crafted 60 Flower Arrangements)

Get Famous

  • Theater Kid (Reach level 4 of the Drama Club After School Activity)

Teen Exclusive

  • Future Star (Reach level 4 of the Drama Club After School Activity)

Kids Room

  • Voidcritter champion (Win Voidcritter Battles and collect all monsters)


Note: All translations are getting fixed right now.


By Midiar


By Totuvor


By Aurora Sky


By Cecil Davis

If you want to help with translations for my mods you can access this Google sheets and leave your translation as a comment. This way you can help me complete and include more translations.


  • Unzip your chosen version of BetterGoals in your Mods folder. It should look like this>

  • Make sure you remove all the packages from DLC that you don't own. Having them installed will cause Last Exceptions and other errors.

In the new version each DLC related download will be separate for you to choose. The only package that is required is the Base Game one, the rest are optional.

Public Version V1.0.0

BetterGoals Base Game

BetterGoals Seasons

BetterGoals Kids Room


BetterGoals Growing Together

BetterGoals Get Famous

BetterGoals Early Access

V1.0.0 (02/22/2024)

BetterGoals @ Curseforge


Make sure you remove previous versions completely before updating!

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